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Good News..

2 weeks ago by Akikazu
Updated 11 days ago

Ya.. i have a good news for you (maybe for me), I'm creating Comic again,, And creating Madness sprite.. Here the screenshot of my comic and madness sprite.. And.. i finish creating Madness Short : The Death, Madness Short : The Death = 100% Completed.. But i need Music for my movie..



Now my character sprite can be opened in Macromedia Flash 8, here the link :

All Madness Sprites (Coming Soon) :
- Coming Soon - Coming Soon -

Walking and shoot test :


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13 days ago

I upload your character draw.

13 days ago Akikazu responds:



2 weeks ago

@Ultrabi I don't care I want to call him whatever I want.


2 weeks ago

@Oscar55 this ins't Mr.Nails, this is Mag Agent Torture, Mr.Nails is a zombie, not a normal guy


2 weeks ago

Make it on frame to frame.Or my computer will get ultra-spike lag.
Fix them.Is that Mr.Nail?
Give me the back looking body of Mr.nail,okay?

10 days ago Akikazu responds:

it's only the screenshot, the sprite, i make the sprite frame to frame..


2 weeks ago

try found a cool music, send me the swf of it, to i see what kind of music is good


2 weeks ago

I have Project Nexus sheet

11 days ago Akikazu responds:

And i have too..


2 weeks ago

Cool dude.
Bad english???

2 weeks ago Akikazu responds:

Bad english???